Lawnmower race roars through quaint British countryside

WEST SUSSEX, United Kingdom (NBCNC) — The quaint British countryside roared with the sounds of racing lawnmowers over the weekend.

It was a test of speed, power and endurance as 34 racing lawn mower teams took on the 12-hour-long nighttime race.

Born in a British pub back in the early 70s, lawnmower racing is a popular sport in England.

Even celebrities came to watch the motorized mowers race around the dirt track at nearly 50 mph.

In the end, it was a team from Luxembourg that took home this year’s title at the annual race.

“I am shocked at how dangerous, for a start, it looks,” said actress Julie Walters. “I mean, it’s very exciting, and there is one corner up there that’s like this – it’s so sharp I can’t wait to get up there. Very exciting. I can see why people love it; you can get obsessed with it. I can quite understand it.”

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