High-diving competition resumes for first time since 1999

FSHAJT, Kosovo (NBC/APTN) — A traditional high-diving competition dating back 60 years resumed in Kosovo.

The competition happened Sunday for the first time since the Kosovan War in 1999.

Hundreds of people gathered along the banks of the White Drin River to watch 27 divers compete for first prize.

Each competitor dove from the Fshajt Bridge, 72 feet into the waters below.

The winner of the competition said the feeling of flying was unexplainable.

The event’s organizer said they are trying to keep the competition a tradition.

“Because of the war and some other problems which they have faced, they weren’t able to organize this event,” said Artan Muhaxheri. “Now we are starting, and you can see a lot of people here which are cheering together welcoming different competitors.”

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