Hurricane Iselle downgraded to tropical storm

HONOLULU (NBCNC) — Hawaii is starting to feel the effects of Hurricane Iselle — now downgraded to just a tropical storm — as the outer edges of the storm are bringing wind and rain to the islands.

The storm will cross over the Big Island in the next few hours. Right behind Iselle is another powerful Category 3 hurricane which will brush the islands early next week.

It’s still the middle of the night in Hawaii. As darkness fell, the worst of the storm was on its way to into Hilo — a big storm blowing into the Big Island.
Before Iselle even touched Hawaii’s shores, the storm surge flooded tidepools in Kapoho, on the island’s eastern tip as people made their last-minute runs for supplies to carry them over.

They’re out of two grades of gas, and many stations are offering premium gas at regular prices, if that’s all they have.

After all the preperations were done, overnight was a time to wait it out and hope that it was all enough.

Hilo is deserted — many business boarded up and waiting for the skies to clear.

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