Clever 11-year-old farmer boosts Texas cotton production

LITTLEFIELD, Texas (CNN/KJTV) — A young cotton farmer in Littlefield, Texas, has found a way to boost his production.

With the help of his grandfather, 11-year-old Britton Pointer doubled his cotton acres by curving the rows.

He also got some help from Mother Nature.

“It’s harder than you think it is because there’s 12 acres there that I didn’t have last year. It’s just about twice as much as I had my first year,” said Pointer. “We haven’t had near this much rain, near. I bet you we’ve had 13, 12 inches of rain. Last year, we had 1 [inch].”

The sixth-grader has also doubled his workload.

He tends to his crops when he gets home from school.

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