Texas couple creating house built of Styrofoam blocks

HUDSON, Texas (CNN) – One Hudson, Texas couple is planning to build their own home, but you won’t find any wood in this construction.

Shannon and Lesa Cockrell are using Styrofoam blocks to frame their 1,400-square-foot home.

The blocks are environmentally friendly replacements for wood and insulation, which would in turn save home owners a lot of money. The home will end up costing a little less than $100,000, which they say is about $50,000 cheaper than to build a home made of wood and brick.

Despite some beliefs that the material would not hold up against bad weather, the owners say the foam is a bit stronger than you might think.

“They don’t rot; they won’t mildew,” says Shannon Cockrell. “They withstand 200-mile-an-hour winds.”

The owners also say since there is no wood, there is no need to worry about pesky termites or roaches.

Construction for the house is expected to wrap up in November.

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