Ax flies through driver’s windshield on highway

TOPSFIELD, Mass. (NBC/NECN) — A driver and passenger in a car traveling on Interstate 95 in Topsfield, Mass., had a morning they’ll never forget after an ax came out of nowhere and smashed through their windshield.

The dramatic Massachusetts State Police photos tell the story involving a couple returning home Wednesday morning on I-95 South.

After it happened, it left a woman in the passenger seat terrified — and an ax lodged in the glass at her eye level.

“She was very shaken,” said Massachusetts State Police Lt. Joe Risteen. “I asked her if she was injured; she said she wasn’t.”

As for what went wrong: State police say a landscaper from Peabody — driving a dump truck — forgot the ax on his hood.

It came off when he hit highway speed.

“Upon arrival, I found the ax was still through the windshield,” said Risteen. “The driver of the SUV said they he saw debris coming very, very quickly and didn’t have time to avoid it.”

The woman was covered with glass but was otherwise uninjured — other than being scared.

Risteen credited the passenger’s husband with traveling the speed limit, or below, and says this should serve as a warning to drivers.

“Make sure any cargo on their vehicle is properly secured,” said Risteen.

The driver of the landscaping truck was cited for failure to secure cargo, which carries a $200 fine.

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