Turtle cam streams hatchling eruption in Florida Keys

FLORIDA KEYS, Fla. (NBC/FLORIDA KEYS NEWS BUREAU) — A high-definition turtle cam recorded some 100 baby sea turtles hatching in the Florida Keys.

After incubating for about 60 days, the loggerhead sea turtles hatched Friday night and made their way to the ocean — guided by moonlight reflected off the water.

The turtle cam uses infrared light instead of artificial lighting so that turtles are not led away from the ocean.

The 3-inch-long babies will grow to about 3 feet in length.

A female loggerhead comes up to the beach once every two- to four years to lay nests.

A loggerhead can live up to 65 years.

Adult loggerheads weigh between about 200- and 400 pounds.

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