Extreme athletes soar over one of world’s biggest canyons

DARK CANYON, Turkey (NBC/EBU) — Two extreme athletes carried out Turkey’s first double wingsuit jump.

The two athletes, one American and one Turkish, performed the dual wingsuit jump over Dark Canyon, one of the biggest canyons in the world.

They jumped off a helicopter about 5,000 feet in the air, flew for around 30 seconds and reached a speed of 124 mph.

The athletes completed the jump by landing safely below.

American Miles Daisher, one of the best wingsuit jumpers in the world, talked about the breath-taking jump over eastern Turkey.

“We are doing a little formation flying over the beautiful terrain here in Kemaliye,” said Daisher. “Kemaliye is a pretty unique location. I mean, you start, it looks like a high desert, farmlands. It’s super … and all of a sudden, this giant canyon pops out of nowhere. And you got some vertical rock, and it looks quite striking.”

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