Facebook helping small businesses in Austin

Inside the Austin Music Hall for Facebook Fit.
Inside the Austin Music Hall for Facebook Fit.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Facebook Fit, a half-day event for small businesses featuring workshop sessions and small business experts, gets underway for the first time at the Austin Music Hall Thursday morning.

The social media company is partnering with industry leaders Square, Intuit, and LegalZoom to bring the businesses expertise in sales, business management, and legal help to business owners.

One thousand are expected to attend.

Facebook has teamed up with best-selling author Rhonda Abrams and technology expert Mario Armstrong to help lead the discussion.

Austin based businesses like YETI Coolers will be on a panel discussion.

“We want to tell business owners how we use Facebook to target the audience we are looking for,” said Harrison Lindsey, Digital Content Coordinator with YETI Coolers.  “While our product is for hunters and people who fish, we can use Facebook to be more specific and find people who prefer to dove hunt or use archery.  We can create ads specific for them.”

The event is sold out but more information can be found here.

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