Honda’s Asimo humanoid robot is new and improved

BRUSSELS (NBC/EBU) — Honda’s Asimo humanoid robot has got some new moves.

The latest version of Asimo made its European debut in Bussels on Wednesday.

The robot can now run about 5 ½ mph, almost 2 mph hour faster than the previous model.

Improved hand dexterity means the robot can open a bottle and pour a drink.

Its communications skills are also improved. The robot can follow multiple people speaking at the same time and tell their voices apart.

Honda says the advancements take the technology closer to creating a robot for use in the home.

Honda hopes in the future Asimo will be able to assist people in need.

“Its new physical capabilities are that he is much faster. He can walk on uneven surfaces. He can now jump and hop, which the previous version could not do. He has much better balancing conditions,” said Vikki Hood, with Honda Motor Europe. “He also has improved intelligence, so he can understand three people speaking simultaneously and discern their voices. He recognizes faces, and he can also discern how to pick up certain objects without perhaps crushing one or dropping the other one.”

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