Dress made of 20,000 Loom Bands sells for $300K

DENBIGHSHIRE, Wales (NBC/EBU) — A colorful dress made from elastic bracelets by a British teenager was sold on an auction site for almost $300,000.

Helen Wright, who posted pictures of the dress online, was shocked when bidding shot through the roof.

The dress, which was made from 20,000 elastic bands, increased from a bid of $86 to almost $300,000 within days.

It took Helen’s friend about three weeks to make the dress from Loom Bands — a fad in school, where kids use them to create bracelets and necklaces.

The colorful elastics are linked together, creating a chain effect.

“Well, it’s hard to get it on, but it’s heavy,” said Helen. “But once I put the pictures up on eBay, it actually looked pretty good.”

Still, it is unknown whether the bid was genuine or not.

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