Eighth-grade band lands $1.7M Sony record deal

NEW YORK (CNN) — What were you doing in eighth grade?

A trio of middle-schoolers in New York just signed their first million-dollar record contract!

Sony just sealed a $1.7 million deal with the boy rockers in “Unlocking the Truth.”

Its members are 13-year-old Malcom Brickhouse; 13-year-old Jarad Dawkins and 12-year-old Alec Atkins — all of Brooklyn.

They got their big break two years ago in an amateur night competition at the famous Apollo Theater.

Since then, they’ve had a few viral videos on YouTube and even opened for “Guns N’ Roses.”

Sony says it will pay for tutors so the band members can keep up on their studies while touring.

You can see them next month in Canada when they open for Metallica.

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