Turtle webcam streaming hatchlings leaving nest

FLORIDA KEYS (NBC/FKNB) — A turtle webcam is in place on a beach somewhere in the Florida Keys to capture the sight of infant turtles hatching and leaving the nest.

The high-definition camera will provide daylight and nighttime observation using infrared light.

It’s focused on a nest with eggs that are expected to hatch within the next week.

The president of the group providing the camera described what viewers are likely to see.

“First, a small miniature volcano cave-in and then a mad rush of turtles coming out all at once,” said Save-a-Turtle President Harry Appel. “It could be 50- to 75 of them at once coming out of that hole and heading for the most ambient light they can find, which is the moon.”

Loggerhead, leatherback and other endangered turtle species hatch throughout the Keys and mainland Florida.

The webcam is funded by the Florida Keys Tourism Council and was approved by state and federal wildlife agencies.

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