3-foot gator rescued from Texas bathtub

LONGVIEW, TX (CNN/KYTX) — A young alligator will be released back into the wild after being rescued from a home in Longview, Texas.

Animal control officers and a state game warden found a 3-foot alligator in a bathtub on Enterprise Street Monday morning.

Animal control officer Chris Kemper says people should never try to keep wild animals as pets.

“People who live in the city who would kill to see things like this, they would kill to wake up in the morning and walk out in their backyard and see deer eating, see raccoons up in the trees,” said Kemper. “And we encourage people to admire the animals — enjoy the animals, look at them — but leave them alone. Don’t feed them. Don’t teach them. Don’t try to make pets out of them.”

The person who owned the alligator could face city fines of up to $500 in addition to any state fines.

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