New plan aims to alleviate Georgetown’s parking problem

GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — Driving around is one thing, but finding a place to park in local hot spots can be even tougher.

City leaders in Georgetown, for example, have acknowledged that parking is a big problem downtown and it is leading to back-ups on the streets.

The lack of parking has gone on for years but is getting worse as downtown grows. But one proposal would team up the city of Georgetown and Williamson County.

The plan includes demolishing a group of warehouses on county-owned land and turning it into a parking lot. The county originally bought the land for a jail extension that never happened.

People who visit downtown say any improvements could help.

“Depending on the day it can be harder and harder,” said Craig Terry. “You have to park farther and farther away from the library, which is my destination.”

If the city and county approve the plan construction could begin as soon as September. However, there is no set date to approve the proposal.

Parking woes in Georgetown are nothing new.

In 2011, structural problems at an 8-year-old parking garage near the Williamson County Justice Complex caused cracking, suggesting the garage could not hold the weight of the cars any more.

The closure meant 405 spaces downtown could no longer be used.

The garage has remained closed since as crews work to repair it. They plan to reopen by the end of the summer.

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