1-in-2 million rare blue lobster caught in Canada

COVEHEAD, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, Canada (NBC/CBC) — Two young lobstermen from Canada named Matthew Roberts and Dick Duggan got the catch of their lives Monday.

They caught a rare blue lobster off the coast of Covehead, Prince Edward Island.

They said it’s the first one they’ve heard caught around there in 20 years. It’s a one in 2 million catch, according to Wikipedia.

The color’s caused by a genetic mutation, one that also causes red, yellow, albino and split-colored lobsters.

Red lobsters are 1 in 10 million, yellow are 1 in 30 million, split-colored are 1 in 50 million, and albino are 1 in 100 million.

Lucky for the blue lobster, because it’s so rare, it won’t end up on someone’s dinner table.

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