South Austin tire shop wants help catching thief

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The owner of Tires To You says someone swiped about $3,000 from the shop’s cash box this weekend.

Surveillance cameras were rolling. However, they didn’t catch anyone in the act.

Still, Monica Grace, the business owner, says the man pictured in the video above was at the shop when the theft happened. Monica says the man also left some items behind.

Now, Grace is looking for more information.

KXAN News looked into crime in the area. The crime search map from Austin police showed five residential burglary reports in the area since the beginning of the year. It also shows about 50 car burglaries in that time.

“We have had people that will come trying to sell us stuff and literally will steal something that’s sitting nearby,” said Grace.

Police showed up at the business Monday afternoon.

“They are here, so yes, now we have a chance, combined with showing the people the video they can put this together,” said Grace. “So, I’m really hoping we’ll get this done.”

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