Heavy rain hasn’t dampened fans’ World Cup spirit

RECIFE, Brazil (NBC/RTV) — Heavy rain has caused flooding on the road to the stadium where the U.S. will face off against Germany on Thursday, but the conditions didn’t dampen the spirits of fans getting ready for the game.

Fans outside the stadium in rain gear still chanted to their hearts content.

A restaurant above the stadium was turned into an impromptu U.S. fan zone, with loud American flags waving and loud USA chants.

A win or a draw against Germany will see the U.S. through to the next stage of the World Cup.

Germany earlier destroyed Portugal during group play, but one fan was still very confident.

Another fan said a win would more than make up for the rain.

“Ah! The big powerful German team,” said U.S. fan Zak. “Let me put it this way. I like our chances a lot. I like them a lot — to win, to win, not to tie.”

“This is awful, but it doesn’t matter,” said Claire Voight, a U.S. fan from Omaha, Neb. “It just doesn’t matter, as long as we will be happy, it will be sunny.”

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