Mix-up lands Obama on World Cup souvenir team mug

POOLE, England (NBC/RTV) — Souvenir World Cup mugs of team England are a big sale.

England was knocked out in the first round, but even so, one particular mug is selling well because of a dumb mistake.

The manufacturer made a series of mugs with photos of the England squad for the world cup.

But instead of the English defender Chris Smalling’s picture, there was a picture of President Obama instead.

The mug maker said a junior staff member was told to find a rights-free image of Smalling.

No one noticed that he found an image of President Obama and of not Smalling.

Another firm bought the mugs and has already sold hundreds in the U.S.

“Quite clearly, when we were offered cut-price mugs, you know just a bit of a defect on them, you know,” said Andy White, with Wholesale Clearance UK Sales. “Yeah so, we bought them, thought it a bit of comedy value, bit of novelty value, so yeah.”

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