Suspect in West Campus shooting faces new charge

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The man who police say shot a construction foreman, setting off a gun battle in Austin’s West Campus neighborhood is facing an attempted aggravated assault charge for a previous incident at the same building.

According to court documents, Jesus Delarca-Reyes had been fired from his job as a construction worker at the job site at 1901 Rio Grande St. when he got into an argument with his supervisor over the amount he was paid.

The supervisor summoned a foreman and a second supervisor but the document says Delarca-Reyes “picked up a wooden 2X4 construction board and attempted to hit the victim a couple of times.’

Delarca-Reyes threatened to come back if he wasn’t paid correctly and kill the supervisor.

Then, police say he returned on Aug. 30 and opened fire at a foreman. The foreman drew his concealed handgun and shot the Delarca-Reyes.

Delarca-Reyes was charged with aggravated assault.

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