Rep. Cuellar visits Border Patrol facility in McAllen

McALLEN, Texas (KXAN) —  As Border Patrol agents are trying to control an increasing number of unaccompanied child immigrants along the border in south Texas, Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX28) made a visit to the Border Patrol facility in McAllen on Saturday to speak to some of the children at the facility.

Rep. Cuellar is the first Member of Congress to visit a Border Patrol facility since the influx of apprehensions.

Many of the immigrants are making the treacherous journey from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Rep. Cuellar cites two reasons why families are taking the risk.

“Economics, there’s just nothing to do over there. Second, the violence,” said Rep. Cuellar. “I asked them how many had family members here in the US, a lot of them had family members already here. They know where they’re going once they land here.”

Earlier this week, Rep. Cuellar worked to secure an additional $78 million in funds from the Appropriations Committee to support Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement operations.

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