ISS crew cheering World Cup soccer from space

INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (NBC/NASA VIA EBU) — Soccer fans around the world will tune in to watch the 2014 World Cup, and a few fans out of this world will be watching, too.

“Hi, I’m Steve Swanson, current commander of the International Space Station Expedition 40,” said Swanson, a NASA astronaut. “I’m with my crewmates — Alexander Gerst of Germany and Reid Wiseman, of the United States. We’d like to say a few words. Alex?”

“We want to wish all the teams and the fans on the ground a great World Cup,” said European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst. “Have fun and a peaceful games. May the best win.”

“Have fun, play hard, and we’ll be watching on the International Space Station,” said NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman.

The crew on the International Space Station will be cheering on their teams from around 230 miles above Earth.

Crewmembers also kicked a soccer ball around the ISS, which looked challenging as the astronauts and soccer ball floated around due to the effects of microgravity.

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