California mayor throws ‘dog poop’ bag on neighbor’s yard

SAN MARINO, Calif. (NBC/KNBC) — The mayor of an affluent southern California city is in the proverbial dog house after he is caught leaving a bag of what appears to be dog poop on his neighbor’s property.

This is security video of the incident.

It shows San Marino Mayor Dennis Kneier and his wife walking down the sidewalk as the mayor throws a plastic bag of something on the walkway of a home.

The homeowner says it was dog poop and that the mayor did it because he is upset with the homeowner’s support of a local dog park proposal.

The homeowner lives a block from the park and has a “No Poop Zone” sign in his frontyard.

The mayor claims he found the bag near the sidewalk and was simply throwing it back on the homeowner’s property.

Kneier, however, has since apologized for the incident.

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