Propane explosion survivor now “stable”

ELGIN, Texas (KXAN) — Investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of a propane leak after an explosion Sunday that destroyed a home and injured a teen in Elgin.

Marcus Newman, 17, was “stable” Tuesday afternoon, according to Brooke Army Medical Center.

The family says Marcus was speaking Tuesday and he is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday.

Elgin Fire Chief Randy Reyna says the Elgin Fire Department, the state Fire Marshal’s office, Railroad Commission, and the insurance company are investigating the cause of the blast.

Investigators determined a propane leak was to blame, but they have not determined where the leak was in the house or how it started.

“[A leak can be caused by] faulty plumbing. With time, something can go wrong inside the house. There [are] numerous incidents that can happen that can cause that,” said Reyna.

The Railroad Commission of Texas comes up with some of the rules about safe storage and use of propane. It’s looking into what may have led up to the explosion and whether any of those rules were broken.

A spokesperson says the commission expects to issue a report in about three months.

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