Suit claims Manor ISD excessively restrained special needs boy

MANOR, Texas (KXAN) – Elias Michan Reyes attended school at Manor High School for two years, but court documents show he was restrained almost everyday. Now, the family is suing the Manor ISD, saying it violated Elias’ civil rights and denied him an education.

Elias is developmentally disabled and has been prone to aggressive episodes. Court documents covering 2010-2012 show he often had up to “20 aggressive episodes a day” while at Manor ISD. One report says he was restrained in one day with 17 hug restraints and 6 ground restraints.

His mother says that is excessive, and during that time, he was not learning. The district is quoted in the report as trying to stop Elias from harming himself and others.

But, his mother says he has scars from restraints on his back.

Elias’ mother is hoping the district will now foot the bill for private services to make up for the educational time she says he missed while enrolled at Manor High School. The district denies it’s training is inadequate, but could not comment on the case citing privacy laws.

“If I could ask for any consequences for what they did to him, I would ask them to close the special education department,” said Monica Reyes. “Because if someone wants to be a special education teacher it’s because they have the soul for it – not because it was the easiest license to get.”

Even so, Reyes says she is not asking for anyone to be punished.

If awarded the compensation, Elias’ mother says it will be used solely on Elias’ education.

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