1,600 pandas invade Hong Kong and landmarks

HONG KONG (CNN/APTN) — It’s a panda invasion as 1,600 papier-mache pandas have invaded Hong Kong.

They’ll leave their paw prints on more than 10 landmarks in the city including, Victoria Harbor.

French artist Paulo Grangeon first made the papier-mache pandas in 2008.

He was working with the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness about dwindling panda populations.

Grangeon said the 1,600 pandas made from recycled paper represented the real pandas still alive in the wild today.

The pandas have already toured France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan.

They’ll be on display in Hong Kong for one month.

“The panda is the symbol of, the animal of the WWF, and the event is around the wild nature,” said Grangeon. “And if we can help the WWF, we have to do it because if we save animals, perhaps we save the humans in the future.”

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