Local Red Cross volunteers sharpen skills for next disaster

Saturday morning, the American Red Cross held training drills that will better-prepare their volunteers in the event of another disaster, such as the Halloween flood.

Central Texas Red Cross volunteers gathered in Cedar Park to turn the building into a mock shelter. As hurricane season ramps up, the Red Cross wants to be prepared to house hundreds – or even thousands – of evacuees from the coastline should a storm threaten.

Volunteers at the exercise brushed up on skills like setting up cots, as well as registering and processing people in need of emergency care.

“If we have another event like the Halloween flood, it will help us set up quicker and do a better job of the sheltering than what we’ve done in the past,” Wayne Harned, a Red Cross volunteer, said. “We’re always trying to learn from the experience of what we do.”

If you would like to help in the event of a local disaster, you can find more information on becoming a Red Cross volunteer here.

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