Fans flock to X Games

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Fans from across the country flocked to the Circuit of the Americas on Friday to kick off the 20th annual action sports competition and first X Games in Austin.

The competition features the world’s best athletes in BMX, Moto X, Rally Car, Skateboard and Stadium SUPER Trucks.  The daring stunts attract fans from around the world.

Lacee Black and Drew Ellinger drove from New Mexico to see Drew’s sister competing in the games.

“I think it’s really cool that fact that we could watch my sister since it was closer to us this time,” he explained.

“I’m really excited I’m just so happy to be here,” Hayden Oswalt exclaimed.

He was so excited for the games he started a popular blog about the events.

“I didn’t know what the X Games were.I learned a little more into it now I know everything about it,” the blogger explained.

But this weekend is not just about the adrenaline pumping tricks. It’s a big festival with concerts including rapper Kanye West.

But Despite the heat folks will still come out to enjoy a new event that makes Austin even hotter.

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