Hunt for gunman continues in Canada

(CNN) — A gunman shoots five police officers in Canada, killing three of them.

The shots were fired in the province of New Brunswick, which borders Maine.

The search for the suspect carried into the overnight hours.

A woman in Moncton, New Brunswick, posted this chilling video on her Facebook page.

It shows some of the initial chaos as a gunman roams the neighborhood and opens fire on a Canadian police officer.

“While responding to a call of an armed man in the north end of the city of Moncton, three of Codiac RCMP officers were shot and killed,” said Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Damien Theriault. “Two other officers were also injured, but their life is not threatened at this time.”

Officers swarmed on the subdivision, taking what cover they could behind their cruisers, as authorities tried to locate the gunman.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police tweeted a photo of the armed suspect, a man wearing fatigues and carrying two rifles — whom they identified as 24-year-old Justin Bourque. He lives in Moncton.

On its Twitter page, the RCMP in New Brunswick warned neighbors to stay in their homes, to lock their doors, and to leave their outside lights on as police looked for the gunman.

As helicopters flew overhead and officers scoured the area, the RCMP also asked people not to talk about police movements on social media, warning even more officers could be put at risk.

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