Alligator sightings continue at Del Valle pond

DEL VALLE, Texas (KXAN) — Residents in Del Valle have reported numerous alligator sightings near a pond in the 13000 block of Thome Valley Drive.

Residents put up “alligator warning” signs to alert anyone approaching the pond. There is also a sign to note the pond is an alligator habitat. Authorities urge everyone to stay out of the pond and refrain from swimming in it.

In June 2013, KXAN reported on a 7-foot alligator that had been spotted in the same pond. On Thursday, authorities sent out a notice warning the public of the alligator.

Texas Parks and Wildlife recommends the following tips to stay safe from alligators:

  • Do not feed them
  • Do not get close to them
  • Do not swim or wade near them
  • Do not let pets near them
  • Do not agitate or tease them
  • Do not try to catch one
  • Do not approach an alligator’s nest
  • Do not observe from a safe distance on land
  • Discourage others from feeding them
  • Treat them with respect as an important element of nature

Call the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department at 409-736-2551 or email at with any questions.

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