Puppy drives car into pond with owner inside

CANTON, Mass. (CNN/Canton Police Department) — Forget homework excuses.

A Massachusetts man is blaming his dog for his car ending up in a pond.

He told police in canton his 5-month-old German shepherd, Rosie, got her leash tangled in the gear shifter.

When she was trying to break free, the puppy fell onto the driver’s side floor and hit the accelerator, sending the car into the pond.

The owner and Rosie were both in the Dodge Neon as it floated about 30 yards offshore, before it sank.

A witness rushed into the pond to help get Rosie safely out — after the driver had to untangle things to free himself.

The man and Rosie emerged unharmed.

Police are encouraging drivers to keep their pets safely secured in the rear of their car, where they can’t interfere with their operation.

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