‘Angry Birds’ stashed with cash on Hermosa Beach

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (CNN/KTLA) — Twitter user “HiddenCash” is at it again, leaving money in 36 Angry Birds toys at California’s Hermosa Beach.

Hundreds of people dug through the sand Saturday hoping to get their hands on the cash.

The anonymous donor called it the biggest scavenger hunt in Los Angeles’ history and tweeted a few clues about where to find the prize.

Lucky followers who found the money were thrilled.

“These aren’t Angry Birds; they are happy birds because look what I found — a little dinero for you!” said Jackie Hatton.

HiddenCash was started by someone who recently closed a real estate deal and wanted to pay it forward. The account tweeted that Sunday would be the last day of money drops in LA.

Meanwhile, Austin’s seen its own version pop up — called MoolahMystery.

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