Firefighters rescue wolf pups in Alaska wildfire

NEAR SOLDOTNA, Alaska (NBC/KTUU) — A wildfire in Alaska has burned nearly 200,000 acres, but several wolf pups are now safe after firefighters rescued them.

One firefighter captured this video of crews holding and helping the wolf pups.

The firefighter who shot the video says it was the female cub that got firefighters to aid in the rescue.

“The little one that was coming out was asking for her,” said firefighter Jefferson Sam. “We thought she was the smart one.”

They rescued five, but one didn’t survive.

Another one had to have a porcupine quill taken out of its eye.

Rescuers gave the wolf pups sugar water to help with hydration.

They are now at the Alaska Zoo for evaluation and are believed to be about 5 weeks old.

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