Oil tanker captain missing in explosion off Japan’s coast

HYOGO, Japan (NBC/NTV) — An oil tanker exploded off the southwest coast of Japan Thursday morning.

Seven of the eight crew members were rescued, but the vessel’s captain is still missing.

Video showed black smoke rising from the tanker as it burned about three miles off the port of Himeji in western japan.

The vessel belongs to Syoho Shipping, based in Hiroshima prefecture.

Although seven of the eight crew members were rescued, the 64-year-old ship’s captain remains missing.

Four of the crew members reportedly sustained serious burns.

The tanker had unloaded its cargo. The vessel exploded while crew-members were working on the deck.

The cause of the fire has not been identified.

Japan’s Coast Guard, firefighting vessels and helicopters have been searching for the missing captain and working to extinguish the fire.

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