Millionaire plants stashed cash for strangers in scavenger hunt

SAN FRANCISCO (CNN/KGO) — It’s become a phenomenon — an anonymous person giving away cash by the handful and leaving clues on Twitter.

Reporter Jonathan Bloom chased down some of the winners in that scavenger hunt — and even heard from the anonymous donor.

The tweets come from an account called “Hidden Cash.”

People find cash stashed in envelopes, planted in different spots each time.

Some say that running after money could easily inspire greed, but this seems to have inspired generosity.

And in an anonymous phone interview, the man behind @HiddenCash says that’s the point.

“I’m in that 1 percent that some people loathe,” he said. “But rather than hating people who are successful, my point would be to encourage people who have been successful to give back a little bit more.”

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