Community breathes back life into pool

AUSTIN (KXAN) —  Some people in Northwest Austin are able to walk to their neighborhood pool for the first time in years. The Springwoods Pool reopened Saturday for the first time since it shut down in 2011.

“To hear the joy, laughter the kids, this is fantastic,” said community member, Paul Gordon.

“It’s a big deal for the neighborhood, a really big deal,” said Amy Pieper, a local mother.

The community has been entangled in a lawsuit with the city over ownership rights of the pool.

“A lot of the parents there have been fighting for the last two years,” said Pieper, “Trying to get the pool reopened.”

Now Safeguard Aquatics is breathing new life into the community staple.

Christina Barkley, administrative director of Safeguard Aquatics, said, “Everybody that’s walked through the gates today has talked about how excited they are to use the facility that is so close to their neighborhood.”

And according to some young swimmers at the pool, the turnout was impressive.

“About like a million, like everyone,” said Saydi-Renee Forrester and her friend Elizabeth Pieper.

“Pool is open to public at large, anyone, whether they are a city of Austin resident, is welcome to come,” said Barkley.

Pool officials say they are offering free entry for the next couple weekends so everyone can enjoy the facility.


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