Brewskee-Ball national championship held in Austin

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A group of dedicated Skee-Ball players are holding their national championships in Downtown Austin this weekend.

Known as Brewskee-Ball, the organization is the first national Skee-Ball league.

Brew-Skeeball faces a copyright infringement lawsuit from Skee-Ball, Inc., which is the company that founded the arcade game. The co-founder of Brewskee-Ball says he originally had the company’s blessing to found his league back in 2005.

Eric Pavony, Co-founder of Brewskee-Ball, said. “Six years later, they come back and say: ‘Stop. You can’t do this. You can’t call it Brewskee-ball and you can’t call it Skee-ball.'”

The group now hopes to raise funds from its members to help them fight the lawsuit.

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