Developing a car cooling system to prevent vehicular heatstroke

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Memorial Day is often considered the “unofficial start” of summer. As the temperatures rise so does the danger for children and pets inside hot cars.

The number of vehicular heatstroke cases in Texas struck a chord with Rodney Traylor. It prompted him to come up with a solution that could cool down cars when they are turned off.

“They have a lot of reminders out there, you know,” said Traylor, a product developer. “Leave your purse or your cellphone in backseat to remind you to get your kid. And we thought, ‘what if those reminders don’t work?’ We figured you actually need a product that would save the child.”

Traylor’s product is called a Solar Cooling System for Automobiles. It is solar powered and includes panels on the truck, roof and hood. When the car is off a sensor in the seats would detect a child or pet left behind and turn on a separate air conditioning unit. Then, a text message would alert the owner.

Safety is the main focus but the system could also cool cars for comfort.

“That’s the idea of this,” Traylor said. “Making the vehicles more enjoyable for everyone in the summertime. Instead of walking to your car and having the heat wave just hit you.”

The patent process is underway. The next step includes finding a manufacturer. Traylor hopes this becomes a standard car safety feature.

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