Deadly Arkansas tornado on security camera

MAYFLOWER, Ark. (NBC/KARK) — Dramatic security camera video has just been released of the deadly tornado that slammed Mayflower, Ark., on April 27.

Multiple security cameras were rolling at Lumber 1 Home Center, some facing the parking lot and others showing the interior of the building.

As you can see in the video, the tornado starts to take shape in the distance and then moments later unleashes its fury.

Heavy winds, rain and flying debris overtake the cameras as the tornado rolls over the area.

From inside the business, you can see the entire building shaking and items falling off shelves from the sheer force of the winds.

The EF-4 tornado was reported to be as much as half a mile wide.

It’s just a glimpse into how powerful that tornado was as it struck the area and left more than a dozen people dead in Arkansas.

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