Bull run is charging into Central Texas

SAN MARCOS (KXAN) — Organizers are preparing to let a series or rodeo bulls down a track as people run, much like the famed event in Spain.

Partner at Cool River Ranch near San Marcos and Texas Bull Run organizer Joe Flanagan says he got the idea after seeing similar events in Arizona and Tennessee.

Joe says two bull runs have taken place in Texas, one in the Houston area and the other in the Dallas area.

The track here is just more than 30 feet wide and nearly 700 feet long.

After the first nine bulls come down the path, they’ll release another nine ten seconds later.

“Yes, it is a little dangerous,” said Flanagan.

Flanagan says they’ll have medics at the event and the fence has spots to get out of the way.

KXAN Reporter Kevin Schwaller: “People have died in Spain.”
Flanagan: “Yes”
Schwaller: “Is that a concern?”
Flanagan: “Not with these bulls here. The bulls in Spain are trained to fight. These are not fighting bulls. You know, these are rodeo bulls.”

Flanagan says you need to be at least 18 and sign a waiver to run. The run this year is scheduled for June 21.

He hopes to start doing two of these runs each year.

Cool River Ranch also hosts other events such as concerts and also is a river outfitter.

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