Teens provide parents with drug testing kits

Austin (KXAN) – Two friends from Hyde Park High School are trying a unique approach to help their peers say no to drugs.

Stormey Barton and John Detamore launched a program this month called Students Opposing Substances, or SOS for short. Teens can voluntarily enter into an agreement with their parents by signing a contract to stay drug free. In return, the parent is given a drug testing kit.

The teens say their intentions are not to get kids in trouble, but rather give them a way to say “no.”

Barton and Detamore believe a student will be much more likely to not give into peer pressure knowing their parents could drug test them at any point.

Barton came up with the idea after overhearing a conversation between teenagers where a boy turned down alcohol out of fear that his father would give him a breath test.

More than 400 people showed up to a kick-off event this month at Hyde Park High School. More than 100 parents and teens signed up.

Former UT quarterback Colt McCoy is on board, showing his support in a video on the non-profit’s website.

The long-term goal is to take the program nationwide. The teens are already in talks with students at other Central Texas schools.

Click here to see a copy of the SOS contract.

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