Teen saves 40-pound carp in flooded street

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio (NBC/WKYC) — An Ohio teen caught an estimated 3-foot carp in receding floodwaters on his street — and has the video to prove it.

Storms created a new river at the Sawyers’ North Royalton home.

“I saw bubbles and saw it moving right here,” said Jake Sawyer, who saved the carp. “We saw how big it was.”

Jake decided to rescue it.

“There was a big, 3-foot carp — hillbilly fishing,” he said.

A white Amur, also called the grass carp, can grow up to 80 pounds.

“I managed to get it trapped in this corner, and I just kind of went like this. And it got stuck up here, and I just kind of grabbed my hands around it and just lifted it up,” said Jake. “And I had this whale of a fish. My arms were falling asleep once I was walking back. It was a good 40 pounds. We took some pictures, and I let him go.”

“So, he had to swim all the way across this backyard into the street, which is a pretty long distance — considering it is all dry land over there,” said Jake.

Jake says there was no time for names. He’s just glad the fish survived the storm, and it left him with a few videos worth sharing.

“Our basement got flooded, and we were still were able to make it an enjoyable night considering,” said Jake’s father, Jeremiah Sawyer.

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