New campaign urges Austinites to recycle 50% of trash

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The city of Austin launched a new multimedia campaign Wednesday called “I Want To Be Recycled.” The campaign urges residents to recycle five more pounds of trash every month.

The city currently recycles about 40 percent of trash. Their goal is to increase that number to 50 percent by December 2015.

“Austinites on average currently recycle about 46 pounds per month of recyclables. That’s impressive but it doesnt reach our 50 percent goal,” said Bob Gedert, director of The Austin Resource Recovery.

“If we add five more pounds, we can get to the 50 percent goal. Five more pounds may mean adding junk mail to the recycling bin, or adding the toilet paper roll at the end into the recycling bin, or the soap bottle. Something that’s missing that’s heading to the landfills that could go into the recycling bin.”

To find a nearby recycling center, or see a list of household items that can be recycled, click here.


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