The Voice helps Austin duo build audiences in Austin

Austin duo Dawn and Hawkes are enjoying national attention after a run on NBC’s hit “The Voice.”

“It felt a little bit like being at a theme park, with the lights and cameras and so many people,” said Miranda Dawn. “Half of the experience was nerve-wracking, like being in an interview. But the other half was like summer camp.”

Now they’re enjoying some extra love back home in Austin. They were nominated for a $10,000 grant from Black Fret, an organization that supports and fosters local artists.

“One of the cool parts we’re really excited about is they have a mentoring aspect of it, too. It’s not just the grant. You kind of get some insight, too,” said Chris Hawkes. “On The Voice, we got so addicted to having that professional input on our career and performance.”

Dawn and Hawkes are now crowdfunding their first full-length record.  They created a short EP at home, but this will be a different, more professional studio album.

Their next live performance is May 8th at Strange Brew in South Austin.

NBC’s “The Voice” airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. on KXAN, through May 20.


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