Most annoying pet peeves

Evening traffic on Austin highways.
Evening traffic on Austin highways.

(KXAN) — Find yourself getting frustrated with loud kids or with someone tailgating you? You aren’t alone.

A new Harris Poll looked at what annoys Americans the most, and it turns out it’s quite a long list.

Topping the list with 86 percent is ill-behaved children, which is closely followed with openly rude people at 85 percent.

Slobs and people who are always late tied with 80 percent.

Some of the others

  • Loud talkers: 71 percent
  • People who talk loud on their phones: 65 percent
  • Those who stuff too much in the overhead bin while flying: 65 percent
  • Tailgaters: 53 percent
  • Emails written in capitalized letters: 40 percent
  • Reply-All emails: 51 percent
  • Unsolicited grammar advice: 43 percent
  • Social media complainers: 55 percent
  • And finally one that Texans can really relate to: People who constantly complain about the heat, which is 57 percent
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