Runners race up more than 2,000 steps in Taiwan skyscraper

TAIPEI, Taiwan (NBC/APTN/ETTV POOL) — More than 5,000 runners raced up Taiwan’s tallest skyscraper.

The runners had to climb more than 2,000 steps in the Vertical Run Up Race to reach the finish line on the 91st floor on Sunday morning. That’s about 1,300 feet high.

People from around the world took part in the race.

Australian Mark Bourne won the men’s race, while Italian Mountain Running World Champion Valentina Belotti won the women’s race.

“I am used to this race now, and I know it’s difficult. So, I can prepare for that,” said Bourne.

“I have enjoyed this race very much, and I am so happy to return to Taipei this year,” said Belotti. “I hope to see you next year.”

The Taipei 101 Tower Run Up Race is recognized and designated as one of the major tournaments for the Vertical World Circuit and Tower Running World Cup.

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