Business booming at local urban farms

AUSTIN (KXAN) – As spring heats up, so is business at local farms. One of Austin’s most beloved urban farms said, after a harsh winter, they are preparing for a busy summer.

In January, Boggy Creek Farm took drastic measures to save their crops from brutal winter conditions.

Carol Ann Sayle has owned the business for more than 30 years. She said this was the worst winter she can recall. But as spring bloomed, so did produce and the farm’s business. It has expanded hours from two days a week to being open Wednesday through Saturday.

“That’s going to help us make up for the losses financially over the winter,” Sayle said. “So, it works for the people who can come on Thursday and Friday, and it works for us.”

“There is enough produce because spring has been much kinder than the winter,” she added. “We couldn’t have done this in the winter. We didn’t have much. But spring has been abundant and it’s enough. We’re almost full stocked every day.”

Boggy Creek Farm’s five acres handle organic produce picked fresh every day. Tomatoes will be ready soon, and the corn begins coming in June.

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