Caught on camera: Manager robbed and pepper-sprayed

CHICAGO (NBC/WMAQ) — Two young women who walked into an electronics store in Chicago looked just like any other customers looking to buy a new phone.

But as the store manager took some smartphones out of the case on Monday to show them, he was pepper-sprayed in the face.

The women took off running, taking four phones worth about $1,800.

The manager ran after them, hardly being able to see or breathe.

The two suspects jumped into a waiting van with two men inside and drove off.

The manager was able to get the license plate and call 911, and a patrol car was able to pull over the van a half-hour later.

All four suspects are now under arrest. Deandre Loveless, Ellen Phillips, Alleysia Ariel and Kyle Samuels are all charged with armed robbery.

Chicago police said all merchandise taken from the store was recovered and returned.

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