Woman gets trapped between cathedral bell-tower walls

WELLS, U.K. (NBC/ BBC VIA EBU) — A helicopter rescued a woman trapped between two walls of a bell tower in the United Kingdom.

The 68-year-old woman was touring the Wells Cathedral’s towers Tuesday when she fell and became trapped in a space between the walls.

She suffered hip, arm and leg injuries and was trapped for three hours.

A spokesman for the Cathedral said she was part of a 12-person tour, but there were no details about how the accident happened.

“We’re going to investigate,” said Paul Richards, a Wells Cathedral employee. “Obviously, we’re going to ask the questions, what happened. And then when we’ve got the answers to those, we’ll decide what action we need to take.”

All tours were canceled pending a review.

“Very small doorways, tight spiral stone staircases,” said Marc House, with Devon & Somerset Fire And Rescue. “And where she’d actually fallen and sustained the injuries, it was clear that we weren’t going to be able to come out of the Cathedral by a conventional route.”

A Royal Air Force helicopter airlifted the woman to a hospital in Bristol for treatment.

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