Kaxan visits wounded soldiers at Fort Hood

Kaxan at Fort Hood (Courtesy: Edward Flores)
Kaxan at Fort Hood (Courtesy: Edward Flores)

FORT HOOD, Texas (KXAN) — KXAN News mascot Kaxan visited wounded soldiers at Fort Hood Wednesday. In his role as a therapy dog with Divine Canines, Kaxan spent time providing comfort to several members of the U.S. Army who are dealing with post-war injuries.

Divine Canines therapy dogs are a medium for stress management and can help alleviate many other ailments such as depression, brain injury and PTSD.

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The Occupational Therapy Department at Fort Hood launched the program to promote social interaction and assist in relieving symptoms of stress for soldiers with multiple diagnoses. The program is designed to enhance socialization skills via the patient’s interaction with the dogs and their handlers.

Since the program began, therapists have found the interaction serves as an important source of emotional comfort and support to the soldiers. The bonding and communication with both the therapy dog and its handler has assisted in improving the quality of life for soldiers. Soldiers who go weeks without speaking or smiling relax and converse without expectation in the presence of a divine canine.

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